Happy New Year!

 Hey everyone! It’s New Year's eve, so I’d like to wish you all Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year! 2020 wasn’t the best of years for many of us, so I’d like to raise a glass in hoping for an amazing 2021. I wish you all to achieve your dreams and goals, stay healthy and stay awesome!

Posting patch 2.8!

 Hey guys!  I've just finished posting patch 2.8 in the Downloads page!  Hope you all enjoy it!  Quick walkthrough -Drink the purple little potion in the garage - Drink the purple little potion in the garage a second time to continue the next part -Talk to Tricia in the morning while she’s at the church (Make sure she’s at the church otherwise this won’t trigger.) -Talk to Summer about Unity’s party (follow the instructions in the quest helper if you get stuck) If you don't feel like waiting , you can find patch 2.9 on my patreon .  Stay awesome! 

New- F.A.Q

 Hey guys! I've made a short F.A.Q and I hope it can help you with some issues. I've also now added an F.A.Q page FAQ 1.- MAC PROBLEMS? Here are some comments that helped some mac users with their issues: "1st. Download the file regularly. 2. Download The Unarchiver from the appstore. It's free and is like no space on your hard drive. 3. Right Click (Command Click) ON THE ZIP FILE. Do NOT unZIP the file beforehand. 4. -> Open With (The Unarchiver) It will unzip for you and reveal the application in your downloads in the Finder window. 5. Right Click (Command Click) on the New Application downloaded by The Unarchiver. 6. ->Open 7. It's going to say that it's an app from an unidentified developer and all that stuff. -> Open Anyways. 8. Profit." OR use an different zip app to unzip your downloads. in my case I use "Betterzip". exactly same problem, finally solved! Tried hundreds of ways to figure out the problem. OR If anyone

New Pin up and 2.7 now in downloads

  Hey guys! I hope you're all doing well. I have uploaded patch 2.7 to our DOWNLOADS page. Here are some things you can find in that patch :  This patch has: -6 animations -16 new models -98 Unique CGs (I can’t believe I actually got this many done.) -6 updated models Also, I made a small pin up for Fem Rick. I've been thinking about it for a while and might make more. 

Update 19/07/20 Patch 2_7 is out!

Hey guys, I've just released put patch 2_6 on our Downloads page! It consists of: -81 unique CGs -2 brand new models (one of which is top secret and I'll probably introduce later this month or during next patch.) -4 new animations -1 updated model -3 new events To start the patch: *Talk to Beth during night. *Talk to Summer ************************************* The patch is focused mostly on Summer and Tricia, I've been wanting to work on their relationship for a while now since Tricia is a very important character for Summer's main route. Beth's route is continued from where I left of last patch, so her story is also steadily progressing. The issue I had with the animations at the end was a huge bummer and really delayed the release, but I manage to remake all the animations in my personal record time and release the patch 3 days earlier than I was originally expecting. Starting this patch, I'll start posting all future patches at th

Patch 2_5 is here and so is a new Rick and Morty Episode!

Hello everyone, patch v2_5 is finally here! The patch includes 4 events: -Summer main route -Beth main route  -Potion Morty route And a Reka route 55 unique CG’s, 5 animations, 6 new backgrounds, 2 new models, 2 updated models. Quick walkthrough for new patch: -Talk to Beth during night -Drink potion Rick’s garage -Talk to Summer -Visit the gym in school Hope you guys enjoy the patch! You can find patch 2_6 on my patreon ! Also, if you haven't caught up, the new season of Rick and Morty started on 3rd!  The first episode had a ton of hot girls and was awesome! "A feminist masterpiece!"