An old frenemy

A look into the upcoming 2_5 patch.

Happy New Year!

Hey everyone! I wanted to say a few word before the year ends.  2019 was amazing and it was all thanks to you guys. Thanks to your love and support, I was able to do what I love for another year. I'm grateful to each and every one of you. So cheers to you all, may you all have an amazing 2020! Happy New Year!
P.S I have posted Patch 2_3b. I hope you enjoy it!

Rick & Morty Season 4 Episode 4! Spoilers Ahead!

Hey guys!
Haven't had much time to post lately but I just had to say that the newest episode was amazing!
It's definitely one of my favorites from this season. The humor was great and the story was quite ~inspirational.
I guess incest is...cannon?

Small Update

Hey guys!
I kinda fixed up the gallery here, at least I think it's a little neater. Check it out and tell me if you like it better this way!
I posted a minipatch 2.3b on my patreon which features a sleeping scene with Beth and a fully updated mindblowers room!
Last but not least, seems there won't be a new Rick & Morty episode this week. Very excited for episode 4 on 8th!
What did you think of the 3 episodes of the season so far? Which was your favorite?

Season 4 baby!

"There's a lesson here and I'm not the one that's gonna figure it out."

I'm writing this a little late but the new season is outtt! I strongly recommend to watch it if you haven't yet! It was very exciting and gave me quite a lot of ideas.

Telekinetic fun

Spoilers ahead! 

Some pics featuring Keara from our latest patch posted here (2_2).  She was really fun to draw for me and her unique physique was pretty interesting.  Hope you like the pics! You can get them in a bigger resolution on my patreon or gumroad