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Update on my games

Hey guys! Just wanted to make a quick update. A while ago I removed all of my patched after 1_4 and all of my Summer art. It's not because my games are payed, they are still very much free. It was connected to my Patreon suspension. I had to make some changes to patches 1_5 and after so I removed them from everywhere. This month I finished 2_0 and it is currently only available for my patreons but 1_9 has been available on my Newgrounds since the begging of the month. I put up a link here for 1_9 (PC) as well and later today I will also add the version for Mac. Edit. The Mac version has been added. Hope you like it.

New Patch Release (v2_0)!

 Hello everyone! I’m happy to announce that Rick and Morty v2_0 is finally out!  This patch, I worked a bit more on Beth and Summer’s main routes. I’m trying to progress their main story lines as quick as possible so that we can finally continue the games main objective. (A way back home)  There are 4 events in total, 2 Beth events, 1 Summer and 1 Morticia. Walkthrough: -Go to Beth and talk to her during the night. -Talk to Beth second night. -Play a game with Morticia. -Help Summer out. There’s a hidden CG for Morticia but that’s optional. There are 4 animations in this patch, I have to admit, I’m very proud of how they turned out since I’ve been practicing different methods and styles, hopefully you guys will notice my improvement. Also there are a lot of CGs, a new updated model for Summer, new models  (Ethan, Grace) and a new environment (cinema). I’ve been working on a new money earning method in game but that will probably be released either next patch or the one after.