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News about my Patreon page

Hey everyone, I wanted to make a small update and share what’s going on with me. It’s been a bit over a week now, I’ve probably talked to over 5-6 patreon support employees and sadly, as soon as the conversation starts about my account review, they basically put me in a weird queue after which they don’t respond to me. I’ve done a small research of my own and from the looks of it, I’ll just have to accept the way things are for now and wait. I’ll be honest, this thing has been stressful, but you’ve all been very supportive and kind about all of it and I really appreciate that. For the time being, I’ll take things slow, work on the next patch, visit family for easter and wait for the review to end and hopefully not anger the patreon gods too much with my filth. I’ll probably wait until May 24th and if I still haven’t gotten any response from them, I’ll just move to another platform like Subscribestar. I really hope it doesn’t come down to it, but sometimes you don’t have a choice on th