Please make sure you delete the previous version of the game before extracting/installing the new one.

-PC- (Please use 7zip to extract for best results)

Drive(7z)  --  Drive(RAR) -- Anonymous(7z) -- MEGAnz(7z) -- MEGAnz{7z} Alt 

-(PC installer)-

Anonfiles(Installer Part 1) - Anonfiles(Installer Part2) - Anonfiles(installer Part 3) (You need all 3 parts for this one, but don't worry only 1 of the files is actually big.)

-MAC- (Please use BetterZip to extract for best results)

Drive(ZIP) -- DriveALT(ZIP) -- Anonymous(ZIP)  -- PixelDrain(ZIP) -- MegaNZ(ZIP)  




  1. how do i playu once everything is downloaded

  2. keep getting an error about disk space..

  3. Do you have another link for the linux download? It never seems to complete after almost 8 hrs.

  4. Hey, there was this mission where you could fuck Beth while being stuck but I cant seem to find it again, can you help me?


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