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Season 4 baby!

"There's a lesson here and I'm not the one that's gonna figure it out." I'm writing this a little late but the new season is outtt! I strongly recommend to watch it if you haven't yet! It was very exciting and gave me quite a lot of ideas.

Telekinetic fun

Spoilers ahead!  Some pics featuring Keara from our latest patch posted here (2_2).  She was really fun to draw for me and her unique physique was pretty interesting.  Hope you like the pics! You can get them in a bigger resolution on my patreon  or gumroad !   


The initiation that every Morty needs to go through. You can find this scene in our newest patch 2_3!

Update 01/11/2019 R&MV2_2 is out!

Hey guys! I just uploaded the Rick & Morty V2_2. It's available for PC and Mac. You can find it in our downloads page! SPOILERS ahead so if you care about that please skip this for now. The patch is mainly focused around Beth, Keara and Stacy. I had to focus a bit more on Keara because I realized she has her route tangling up with Beth’s in one of the upcoming patches so I had to further your relationship with her asap. Stacy needed a better introduction so I made an event that’ll showcase what her route is going to be like. She’s very bdsm heavy and I had to do a lot of research to get the world of bdsm as close to the real thing as possible. It’s a bit over the top but it’s R&M so I believe it had to be. There’s also an event I’m introducing with hypnotoad. It’ll be a character that’ll appear randomly in the game, you’ll have to find him in the world to trigger it but you’ll get events focused around the hypno fetish.