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3.5 Please make sure you delete the previous version of the game before extracting/installing the new one. -PC- (Please use 7zip to extract for best results) Drive(7z)  --   Drive(RAR) --WU(7z) -- PixelDrain(7z) -- Anonymous(7z)  -- MEGAnz(RAR) -- MEGAnz(7z)   Drive(Installer)   --  MegaNZ(Installer) -- WU(Installer)- MEGAnz{7z} Alt- Menanz(RAR) -  Drive(RAR)   - Drive(7z)  - Meganz(7z)   -MAC- (Please use BetterZip to extract for best results) Drive(ZIP) -- DriveALT(ZIP) -- Anonymous(ZIP)  -- PixelDrain(ZIP) -- MegaNZ(ZIP)    Drive(MacVM_build)      Meganz (MacVM)