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Beth in the Shower

Just a little pic of Beth from our latest patch. Happy Holidays!

Huge Update for our Mac users!

Hey there! Just posted the last three patches of our fangame "Rick & Morty : A way home" for Mac! A lot of people have requested I put the mac versions here and so from now on you will be able to find them on out blog! Cheers!

Update in our Games page! (1_6_0)

Hey! Just posted the 1.6.0 Patch in our Games page. Hope you like it! Here are some patch notes: We’ve got 4 events again (To start these events, Talk to Summer and the other one you can start by talking to Morticia.)  -Summer Event  -Tricia Event  -Jessica Event  -Morticia event

Developer's Update:Rick and Morty: A way back home v1.7.0 is out!

Hey guys! Finally managed to finish patch 1.7.0 ! Had a bit of a delay this month but I think it was all worth it. Currently it's available on our patreon . Also, I'll post the 1.6.0 patch here soon + some art.Thanks for the support and patience!