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Happy Halloween!

Hey everyone!  Hope you're all having a wonderful Halloween! I wanted to share this art piece I've been working on. I made it after I saw this meme which I found hilarious. Thank you all for your patience, stay awesome!

Uploading Patch 3_3

  Hey guys! I'm uploading Patch 3_3, you can find it in the Downloads page.  The Mindblowers have been updated and I've fixed a bunch of bugs for both android and PC.  Quick walkthrough: 1. Talk to Beth: Solution to earth’s pollution 2. Talk to Planetina on the messenger app 3. Talk to Planetina on the messenger app 4. Talk to Beth (Time for your punishment)

Glory to Glorzo

  Hey guys! I recently bought the The Art of Rick and Morty Volume 2 and in it I saw this awesome concept art for Summer's gown from the episode Promortyus. I just had to draw it. It's not added in my game yet but I might include it some time in the future.  Support me on Patreon for more content and high resolution images.

Plenty of Planetina

Hey guys! I personally am a huge fan of  Alison Brie and I think she did a great job with the character. My newest patch 3_3 of "Rick and Morty :A way back home " features Planetina as I tried to retell the events of the episode in my own way.  I'll post the patch here in a couple of days.