Uploading Patch 3_5


Please make sure you delete the previous version of the game before extracting/installing the new one.

-PC- (Please use 7zip to extract for best results)

Drive(7z)  --  Drive(RAR) --WU(7z) -- PixelDrain(7z) -- Anonymous(7z) -- MEGAnz(RAR) -- MEGAnz(7z) 

Drive(Installer)   --  MegaNZ(Installer) -- WU(Installer)- MEGAnz{7z} Alt- Menanz(RAR)

Drive(RAR)  - Drive(7z) - Meganz(7z) 

-MAC- (Please use BetterZip to extract for best results)

Drive(ZIP) -- DriveALT(ZIP) -- Anonymous(ZIP)  -- PixelDrain(ZIP) -- MegaNZ(ZIP)  

Drive(MacVM_build)    Meganz (MacVM) 


  1. Holy batman that was hot stuff.
    Won't that get you into trouble with p*treon ?
    Good Tricia progress. love that girl.
    Loved the scene with Beth at the clinic, that was daring stuff..
    Thank you for sharing this to us freeloaders.

  2. Hey glad to have finally found your blog. since for some reason the game has vanished from itch.io.
    Btw I'm going from 3.3f I think to this, if I just continue since last patch will it match the end of content in 3.3? I'm asking mainly because I can't seem to find 3.4.

    1. While still in 3.3f press save.
      Start 3.5, continue from last patch, press load.
      That should work :)

    2. Hey, itch had it removed due to its size. I have since talked to them and am currently working on a method of lowering the game size without altering the quality. I'll reupload the game on itch probably starting patch 3.6

    3. Hey, when installing the new version, do i delete the whole folder or just the application of the old version to keep my progress?

  3. Can we get more Jessica scene

  4. Remember the episode where Jessica was captured in time crystal so just like she end up being caught just leaving her holes outside to use for centuries

  5. Can we get a BBC with Jessica and Brad


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