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Update- New patch!

Hey guys! Just posted the 1_7 patch of Rick and Morty:"A way home" in our Games page.

Here are the new events and main patch notes for this version!

-Keara event

-Morticia dare (Technically Summer event)

-Summer event (Yes, there are 2 Summer events in this patch.)

-Bathroom event


Hope you like it!

If you are curious what happens next - patch 1_8 is already available on our patreon !

P.S I will post the Mac version soon as well!

Quick Update

Hey guys!
Been a bit busy lately and haven't made an update in a while so I'm sorry about that. I'll probably be posting the new patch around the end of the month so stay tuned! Also I was thinking of updating the gallery here. Probably going to have some general changes in the blog soon.