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Update 19/07/20 Patch 2_7 is out!

Hey guys, I've just released put patch 2_6 on our Downloads page!

It consists of:

-81 unique CGs

-2 brand new models (one of which is top secret and I'll probably introduce later this month or during next patch.)

-4 new animations

-1 updated model

-3 new events

To start the patch:

*Talk to Beth during night.

*Talk to Summer


The patch is focused mostly on Summer and Tricia, I've been wanting to work on their relationship for a while now since Tricia is a very important character for Summer's main route.

Beth's route is continued from where I left of last patch, so her story is also steadily progressing.

The issue I had with the animations at the end was a huge bummer and really delayed the release, but I manage to remake all the animations in my personal record time and release the patch 3 days earlier than I was originally expecting.

Starting this patch, I'll start posting all future patches at the start of the month instea…