Patch 1_8 for MAC!

 Hey guys! Just posted the 1_8 patch of Rick and Morty:"A way home"  for Mac in our Games page.
Since I don't own a Mac, I have a hard time knowing if it works well on it. I would love to hear some feedback if you encounter any issues.

Hope you like it!

If you are curious what happens next - patch 1_9 is already available on our patreon !


  1. If you talk to Beth and ask her where she's going and she invites you to the art (pottery?) class with her, once that conversation is over it just goes to a black screen. The app doesn't say it's not responding, but it doesn't do anything for as long as I've waited and you have to close down the game and restart it.

  2. Forgot to add and I don't know if I can edit comments on here, it says to go to the school at night for the Pumpkin Dance party, but every time I try to go to school at night or stay at school until night it says that the school is closed and I have to wait. I've had that quest for a while and completed a good deal of other missions while occasionally trying to go to school at night, I've also talked to Summer a number of times about it and gotten it introduced into the top of the quests lists.

    Also I made it to the part of the unity quest where you are going to have Summer throw her a bachelorette party and raced cars with Unity, but then it stops allowing you to click on Unity's planet. I don't see any other missions to complete with Summer or anything for it. I'm not sure if this quest line is just waiting for the next patch to continue, but it doesn't say that like the rest of them tend to in the quests list.

    Other than that I think I'm out of options, I don't know if there's anything else I can do on this patch, just hard to tell if I've completed it, if I'm missing something or if there's some sort of bug that's stopping me from continuing.

    Keep up the good work


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