Patch 1_8!

Hey guys! Just posted the 1_8 patch of Rick and Morty:"A way home" in our Games page.

Here are the new events and main patch notes for this version!

Here are the newest additions to this patch

-Beth night event 1

-Beth night event 2

-Summer event

-Pawnshop event

-Tricia and Jessica event

-Beth Art class event

-New item Gwendolyn

In total, there are 41 unique drawings , 4 animations (5 but I’ll finish that one later…)

There’s a new map in space which will grow over time and you’ll be able to explore it more in the future.

-Improved Beth model

-New quest log system:

Hope you like it!

If you are curious what happens next - patch 1_9 is already available on our patreon !

P.S I will post the Mac version soon as well!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. how do I do the beth night events? everytime I talk to her at night nothing happens.

  3. i was waiting for it, unfortunately i can't be a patreon yet, but soon i'll be

  4. there is a big bug for when i ask beth where she is going for art session the screen goes entirely black and i cant move or do anything. and the only way for me to escape is to close the game and go back in.

  5. The game crashes at the time of the art session with Beth, it's impossible to go any further.

  6. The art session doesn’t work it just turns black

  7. There is no 1.8 file to download, it only has 1.5 and 1.6.


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