New Patch Release (v2_0)!

 Hello everyone! I’m happy to announce that Rick and Morty v2_0 is finally out!
 This patch, I worked a bit more on Beth and Summer’s main routes. I’m trying to progress their main story lines as quick as possible so that we can finally continue the games main objective. (A way back home)
 There are 4 events in total, 2 Beth events, 1 Summer and 1 Morticia.
-Go to Beth and talk to her during the night.
-Talk to Beth second night.
-Play a game with Morticia.
-Help Summer out.
There’s a hidden CG for Morticia but that’s optional.
There are 4 animations in this patch, I have to admit, I’m very proud of how they turned out since I’ve been practicing different methods and styles, hopefully you guys will notice my improvement. Also there are a lot of CGs, a new updated model for Summer, new models  (Ethan, Grace) and a new environment (cinema).
I’ve been working on a new money earning method in game but that will probably be released either next patch or the one after.
 Not gonna lie, it was a long and stressful month with all that happened but I’m glad everything was okay in the end.
 Never thought I’d see the day, but I guess patreon thought I’m too hardcore, so for the time being I’ll probably keep my more risqué ideas in the background at least until the main routes are complete.
 Something I noticed was that, a lot of people thought that I would stop working on the game entirely because of my patreon account. I’d like to say this once and for all, I’m not stopping working on the project unless it’s a legit serious issue.
Patreon is just a platform and there are a million like it out there on the web. Which brings me to the next topic. A lot of you suggested that I start a Subscribestar account, I considered it and I’ll make one just in case as a backup to my patreon, and if I ever get the under review thing again and you had already supported me for that month on patreon, just tell me your email and I’ll personally send you the next patch until things get back to normal.
Last month I spoke to 6-7 different patreon support staff members and each one told me a different issue. That made things very hard for me. All of it was very random and I don’t know when this might happen again but hopefully we’ll avoid it for a long time.
That was all I wanted to say for now, thank you all very much for your support, hope you enjoy the game, stay awesome!


  1. Hey, love your work, but there aren't any other downloads for your games, after version (v_1_3_0) of a way back home. Is this normal or is there another download link?

  2. Replies
    1. thats so dumb that would be the death of this once greate game

    2. Public version is always going to be behind the supporter version.
      You like the game? Wait or help support the dev, your call.

  3. I've got some ideas if you want to use them in your next patch Ferdafs, keep up the good work, and no matter what happens to you or your partreon, we'll always support you.

    Arthrica Event-

    *Got to purge planet( if you don't know who is arthrica go see Rick and Morty season 2 episode 9)
    *put on combat suit
    *Kill motherfuckers
    *save Arthrica again

    Supernova event-(If you don't know about the vindicators go see it on season 3 episode 4)
    *Join mission with the vindicators
    *during the mission the vindicators and Morty gets trap
    *Morty finds a way to help the vindicators escape

  4. I can't find the download for this. Every update it was easy and nice but there isn't that easy way anymore. I would like to play the game soon. Thank you.

  5. so is patch 2.0 a pay-2-play type thing or?

  6. bro wheres the free version? We been waiting for months

  7. So it will not be released here?


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