New patch! v 2_1 is out!

Hey guys!
Patch v2_1 is out and available on our patreon!
The patch is mainly focused on Summer and her very long route, but Ma-sha and Tricia also have pretty long routes. I honestly thought my hand would fall off at one point from drawing CG’s.

I have also posted the v2_0 for PC here on our Games page! I will also post the MAC version soon.
Stay awesome!


  1. when will v2_1 come out for pc? without being a patron.

  2. Something I missed in some of the recent patches: Choice. For example, when your head is covered in a shirt, you should be able to choose to sneak a peek. When offered something to eat, you should be able to choose not to. Can still have the "NPC" follow the current plans, will result is the same thing. But you could "miss" a chance to do/see some things.

  3. Still won't let me download this
    Just add the link man.


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