Small Update

Hey guys!
I kinda fixed up the gallery here, at least I think it's a little neater. Check it out and tell me if you like it better this way!
I posted a minipatch 2.3b on my patreon which features a sleeping scene with Beth and a fully updated mindblowers room!
Last but not least, seems there won't be a new Rick & Morty episode this week. Very excited for episode 4 on 8th!
What did you think of the 3 episodes of the season so far? Which was your favorite?


  1. Cool, I'm looking forward to the 8th. The 4th season has been great and has for my favorite episode it would have to be the first with Rick trying to return to his dimension only to end up an fascist realities that was fantastic.

  2. Where is the update? Where can i download it.
    Congratulations, nice game btw


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