Patch 2_5 is here and so is a new Rick and Morty Episode!

Hello everyone, patch v2_5 is finally here!
The patch includes 4 events:
-Summer main route
-Beth main route 
-Potion Morty route
And a Reka route
55 unique CG’s, 5 animations, 6 new backgrounds, 2 new models, 2 updated models.
Quick walkthrough for new patch:
-Talk to Beth during night
-Drink potion Rick’s garage
-Talk to Summer
-Visit the gym in school
Hope you guys enjoy the patch!

You can find patch 2_6 on my patreon!

Also, if you haven't caught up, the new season of Rick and Morty started on 3rd! 
The first episode had a ton of hot girls and was awesome!
"A feminist masterpiece!"


  1. cant download it need the installer when can we get that

  2. How fortunate that the newest episode as of this message holds interest for Jerry by Tricia of all people. I hope the coming versions involve some inspiration from that after-short. Also, love all of the content and progress that have been made on this game.

  3. I really hope we get to see more Tricia scenes. The content and artwork of this game is really amazing. I’m really excited the show is showing more of her since she’s always been my favorite.

  4. Is there a place where I can watch play throughs of this since I don’t have a good enough computer to run this? PH shut it down as well as xvideos. Maybe you can make your own channel on something an play through it?

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  6. Tricia quest is bugged, after drinking the water she goes to the bathroom and nothing happens

  7. just a fan is there a site i can play the latest version litterally everywhere has v1.4

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  9. When is 2.7 coming it’s been over 2 months

  10. What? June 16th is not 2 months away from May 6th...

  11. I have not been able to download version 2 5 for pc doesn't work.

  12. Ok, now its been over two months @KyloRen lol


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