Update 19/07/20 Patch 2_7 is out!

Hey guys, I've just released put patch 2_6 on our Downloads page!

It consists of:

-81 unique CGs

-2 brand new models (one of which is top secret and I'll probably introduce later this month or during next patch.)

-4 new animations

-1 updated model

-3 new events

To start the patch:

*Talk to Beth during night.

*Talk to Summer


The patch is focused mostly on Summer and Tricia, I've been wanting to work on their relationship for a while now since Tricia is a very important character for Summer's main route.

Beth's route is continued from where I left of last patch, so her story is also steadily progressing.

The issue I had with the animations at the end was a huge bummer and really delayed the release, but I manage to remake all the animations in my personal record time and release the patch 3 days earlier than I was originally expecting.

Starting this patch, I'll start posting all future patches at the start of the month instead of at the end. I've been wanting to make the change for a while but I just couldn't find the right moment. Looks like the moment found me.

Also , patch 2_7 is available our patreon!

Again, thank you all for your support, stay awesome!


  1. Good work! Look's nice as alway's!

  2. this game is perfect, keep the good work

  3. where can i download the update

  4. The game in my pc crash whit some events of the game and not respond. I think that happen because i own a 32bits system. Thats right?

  5. for some reason i cant do work for rick and my screens jus tgoes to morty and rick staring deep into each others eyes. Any fixes?

    1. Only thing u can do is just reset the game. Next time after you work skip until next morning so u can work again

  6. from where do i download the new update?

  7. AMAZING game. Really, really well made. You capture the feel of the show in every way and I love the slow build up of the story and scenes with every character. I really hope 2.8 comes out soon with lots more content, I would especially LOVE to see more of Beth and Morty's story and Tricia and Morty's story. Keep up the great work!

  8. question do new versions have content from previous ones?

  9. Do new versions have content from older versions like the six armed ladies?

  10. ive downloaded all the files for the mac but it wont let me open the game up to play, any advice?

    1. Download the app, The Unarchiver from the app store, it's free. Then download the app like normal. When the ZIP file is downloaded, hit the Gear Icon, or Control-click, and "OPEN WITH" The Unarchiver. Then The Unarchiver will unzip the app revealing the game. DO NOT CLICK ON THE application yet. Control Open the app. It wont give you and option the first time, then do it again, and BOOM, profit.


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