Posting patch 2.8!

 Hey guys! 

I've just finished posting patch 2.8 in the Downloads page! 

Hope you all enjoy it! 

Quick walkthrough

-Drink the purple little potion in the garage

- Drink the purple little potion in the garage a second time to continue the next part

-Talk to Tricia in the morning while she’s at the church (Make sure she’s at the church otherwise this won’t trigger.)

-Talk to Summer about Unity’s party (follow the instructions in the quest helper if you get stuck)

If you don't feel like waiting , you can find patch 2.9 on my patreon

Stay awesome! 


  1. Any way to contribute some dollars besides social media ?

    I do enjoy the game immensely, feels a bit cheap not contributing...

    1. I'm afraid Patreon and Subscribestar are the only methods. However, I trully appreciate the thought!

  2. Hello, I wanted to ask about summoner's quest! Or rather just say that I really enjoyed it and wanted to tell you that I was pretty sure league finally got its lore figured out since you mentioned that is why you decided to stop making it. That said, I realize and am happy that you're enjoying making journey back home and it's also a wonderful series!

  3. Hey, I had trouble with Morticia's "Alone at Home" option, everytime i select it the game crashes. It's just me or is a game problem?
    ps- I'm at 2.7 v.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. gday lad, when is 2.9 coming out mate?

  6. hello. i've a problem i cant talk to rick like at all we just stare at each other. how can i fix this?


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