Hey everyone patch 3.0 is finally here!

The patch has 4 events, to trigger them you have to

-Talk to Beth during night.

-Click on Gwendolyn once you buy her from the shop in space.

-Talk to Jessica in school.

-Drink the potion in Rick’s garage.

There are total of 6 new animations this patch, 110+ new CG’s, 4 new models, 2 updated models.

Since a lot of you asked for it, I have added the option to skip text in the mindblowers.

Just press ESC to skip through. (Quick warning, skipping sometimes breaks the animations and the game, so very likely because of it I will not be adding this feature to the game itself, only in mindblowers.)

You can also change the screen resolution/windowmode by pressing escape when you’re in inside the game.


  1. Right now for mac it says the file is damaged and can't be opened. Looking forward to the new content though.

    1. Open up your terminal application then type (without the quotes) "cd Downloads", then press enter (this is assuming the application is in your downloads folder).
      Then type "chmod +x RMv3_0MAC.app/Contents/MacOS/RMv3_0MAC" in terminal and press enter again.

      You may have to correct the path, I don't MAC...

      Now open the application.

  2. SO is there anything to do after the photoshoot for Beth? The quest tracker says "wait for mattress to arrive" but i can not find any prompts that continues that. Is there something I am missing or was it just a hanging plot thread?

  3. Help I'm stuck at Visit Unity's planet together with Summer. The same option appear even after I completed it

  4. More Jessica goodness, Thank You - this made my week.

  5. Hi guys, it is not working on mac apparently, we are not allowed to open it. Are you going to be able to fix it or is the problem coming from me ?

  6. i cant download it from the google drive it says i cant view or download it at this time

  7. for me it says
    Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist.

    Make sure that you have the correct URL and the file exists.

  8. Love the game but having the same problem as most Mac users. Any word on some support for this patch?

  9. are we gonna see in patch 3.2 "what gift beth did gave to morty" while we were playing summer in last patch?

  10. Ayo, Is there a bug report system in your "Rick and Morty a way back home"

  11. I want more anal scenes with Beth as well as Summer to get in on the action too.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.


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