Uploading Patch 3_3


Hey guys! I'm uploading Patch 3_3, you can find it in the Downloads page. 

The Mindblowers have been updated and I've fixed a bunch of bugs for both android and PC. 

Quick walkthrough:

1. Talk to Beth: Solution to earth’s pollution

2. Talk to Planetina on the messenger app

3. Talk to Planetina on the messenger app

4. Talk to Beth (Time for your punishment)


  1. Hell yeah finally i have been waiting for these keep it up, you're an awesome creator.

  2. I am trying to download the new Mac version. When I go to open the .zip file my Mac tells me that the file is damaged and cannot be opened. I've downloaded previous patches before wthout issue. Help!

  3. So in this version I was unable to get the option to start the art class questline for Beth, also for the last few updates the option to "spy on Beth masturbating" after movie night has not worked at all for me. Is there any reason for that?

  4. Love the game. My top 2 favorite storlines to go through are Beth's and Tricia's. Please tell me there will be consequences and continuation to their drunken vegas marriage later in the future. :)


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